Glass Feature Information

We Offer a range of features to help you tailor your glass as you need it.


Glass Toughening is a tempering process which gives glass increased impact resistance, heat resistance and strength. Toughened glass when broken, will break into hundreds of small but smooth pieces, unlike untoughened glass which can break into large sharp shards.

Polished Edge Type

edge type comparison

We offer two types of edge profiles, "Polished Edges" and "Bevelled".

Polished Edges feature a small chamfer on the top and bottom surface of the glass, ensuring the cut edge is completely removed.

Bevelled edges feature an oversized top surface chamfer, typically used on mirrors or small glass door inserts.

We offer Bevels in the following widths - 15mm / 25mm / 35mm.

Drill Holes

We offer drill holes in the following Diameters - 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm.

All holes feature a small countersink to both surfaces ensuring no sharp edges are left from machining.

We position drill holes 50mm away from each edge as standard, if you require a specific distance please contact us.

drill hole in glass